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December 03, 2008


Masks At coffee this morning, I expressed my periodic recurring desire to create an anonymous blog where I could express my true feelings about certain topics I no longer feel I can blog about here. Buried deep in layers of Tor and bounced through more proxies than you can shake a stick at, my alternative blog, provisionally entitled WTF?, would be a cathartic safety-valve-come-soapbox.

Spurred by Facebook Connect, the theme of anonymity is taken up by O'ReillyRadar and by ReadWriteWeb in The End of Online Anonymity, which discusses (in a slightly superficial way) how online identities are changing, and elsewhere:
Privacy is the right to choose what to share, how much of it we want shared and with whom. Privacy is not secretive. Privacy is not having something to hide.
What has changed is the amount of effort required for the technically literate to control their privacy. The possibility to retain privacy still exists if you choose to do so, but the question becomes:

What am I prepared to sacrifice to achieve privacy?

Credit card? Mobile phone? Time? Trust?

And more to the point, what's the cost of not retaining personal control of my identity?

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