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September 16, 2008

We are now in the second phase of trialling the AWESOME-Dissertation Environment (ADE).  The first trial was in July with a small group of postgraduate students in the School of Education at Leeds.  This was mainly to test the usability but the students responded with enthusiasm despite some initial problems.  The second trial which is now in progress with a larger group of students in the School of Design.  This is a 'proper' trial as it involves students who are not accustomed to either academic writing or to online environments.  Early results are encouraging and tutor feedback indicates that the ADE could make a real difference to students.  However, there are still challenges with regard to the semantic wiki interface and and it is this, together with the pedagogic issues that make the research so interesting.  Our next phase of trials, die to start over the next month or so, will involve taking the ADE out to our partner institutions at Coventry and Bangor.

 Tutors in the AWESOME trials:

AWESOME tutors

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