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June 01, 2007

A big welcome to the new members of the mobile Ts community - we are currrently thinking about ethics of using mobile technologies in the workplace - it would be fantastic if our students could capture images and audio of children, patients etc to evidence their progress but. . . . . . . . what do you think?

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Posted by Mobile Ts - Jocelyn Wishart


  1. The consent process for recording images of patients as part of an individuals portfolio or to demonstrate achievement of competancies, is complex and long winded - this means that students either don't do it or (worse) do it without gaining the consent of the patient (or their family/significant others). This is good as far as patient protection and confidentiality is concerned but difficult to use this sort of material to support students learning.

    Rod WardRod Ward on Friday, 01 June 2007, 21:27 BST # |

  2. One option is to do re-enactments using other students instead of the subjects. 

    I've even seen a few Ultraversity students do things like Playmobil stop-motion animations of their work situations. I'd love to see the reaction of assessors to a patient interview video conducted by a Barbie doll with a Chewbacca action figure :-D

    Scott WilsonScott Wilson on Saturday, 02 June 2007, 21:04 BST # |

  3. Intrigued as this avoids the issue completely. Do your students carry mobile phone or digital cameras? are you happy for them to use them to record their learning?

    Jocelyn WishartJocelyn Wishart on Monday, 04 June 2007, 23:01 BST # |

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