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June 01, 2007

The founders of this community are a group of seven from Bristol - the University of the West of England and Bristol

Jocelyn Wishart [UoB - Education] My research into teacher trainees' use of handhelds has shown both pros and cons of mobile use in education but the one BIG plus -virtually everyone I have loaned a Pocket PC to uses it confidently and creatively - leads me to want to develop and test more, more useful ways of using them.

Pam  Moule [UWE - Health and Social Care] Our research has shown nurses and healthcare professionals have difficulty accessing computers in placement settings, given that they spend up to 50% of their course in distance placements this can be problematic, as part of Mobile Ts I want to explore the use of mobile technology to support learning and completion of individual learning portfolios.

Shelley Hales [UoB] "Representing the Arts Faculty, I am interested in the Mobile Ts project as a way of communicating with and allowing our students to record and send back data from their studies in the UK and Europe beyond campus on site field trips, such as archaeological digs, and modern language year abroad placements."

Sue Timmis [UoB - Institute of Learning and Research Technology] "I am researching communication to support higher education learning through mobile technologies and other digital innovations."

Rod Ward [UWE - Health and Social Care] "Rod is interested in how technology can and will affect healthcare practice, management and education - with a special interest in access issues and effective use of mobile technologies. Rod blogs at Informatocopia"

Jane Williams [UoB - Medical Education "There is an increasing interest in the ability for students to be able to record competencies (clinical skills) and clerk patients electronically and submit to a central system. Many clinical teachers see the use of mobile devices as key to making this work for medical students who clerk on the wards and not once back at a PC terminal or home. does raise the issue of data security and other legal and ethical issues as does the use of video and audio containing patient information and clinically sensitive scenarios over mobile devices and need to be investigated."

Andy Ramsden [UoB - Institute of Learning and Research Technology] "Many of you know Andy - it looks as if he's too busy blogging, see mobile learning at Blog City for more info, to add his tuppenyworth here but he has several mlearning and podcasting projects under his belt.

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  1. Just to say we have recently been joined by Matt Cownie from UWE who will be providing tech i/p to the group

    Jocelyn WishartJocelyn Wishart on Friday, 01 June 2007, 23:08 BST # |

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