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July 19, 2007

Hi mobile people - it has become clear that many of us have a shared interest in the issues involved in use of images to record student progress in the workplace - this is a big concern of teacher trainees and many assume it's banned when it isn't.

Is it possible to develop this as a major theme within mobile technology? is it realistic to collect data in other workplaces eg images of wound care etc or are mobile phone cameras banned outright on wards, in museums ? It would complement the UALL group's focus on audio.

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  1. Mobile phones used to be banned outrighton hosiptal wards - but it has now been shown that it no longer interferes with monitoring equipment & rules are being relaxed (also because of the excessive costs of "Patientline" bedside access services).

    The issues are about professional codes which require confidentiaility and not identifying patients/clients 

    Rod WardRod Ward on Thursday, 19 July 2007, 22:00 BST # |

  2. John Sandars could guide you through the ethics and permissions of medicie / healthcare research.  I know from colleague's experience working in this area that it take a long time to negotiate permission so if this is going to be central to your work you will need to start that process now.

    Rebecca O'RourkeRebecca O'Rourke on Friday, 20 July 2007, 11:19 BST # |

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