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Chris Kimble :: Blog :: Last chance to vote for your favourite chapter

July 31, 2008

I hope these postings are not seen as being totally irrelevant to the group; I really do think that this ought to be of interest to a good number of you.

The CPSquare bookclub is launching a poll to select the chapters from "Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for Educators" for inclusion in their on-line event today (July 31, 2008) 

If you have seen the book and have a favourite chapter that you would like to vote for - or would just like to be able to discuss the books and/or Communities of Practice in/for education, but have not got around to registering for the event - this is your chance!

CPSquare have redesigned their website since my last mail - the new URL is: 


I hope to meet some of you there.

Posted by Chris Kimble

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