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Emerging Mondays Live Radio

Every month we are running 'Emerging Mondays' - a topical show combining the best of radio, live chat and occasionally some extravagant social activity inside Second Life. The aim is to bring lively commentary and debate on topical issues to the start of each month.


27th October 2008: Emerging Mondays: the Digital Identity show

'What is digital identity?'

So what does digital identity mean to you? Do you care? As more of our lives, from personal to professional activities, find their way online how do we cope with managing our fractured and distributed digital presence. Can we ever keep 'personal' separate from 'professional' when tools and services mash-up our online identities in ways that are beyond our control? What does this mean for the development of new literacies and new services that seek to put our identities back within our grasp.

With interviews, music, strong opinion, poetry, our very own edupunk granny Leila and more. LIVE. Guests include:

  • Steven Warburton - King's College London on the Eduserv sponsored Rhizome Identities project
  • Lars Heineman - Bremen University on cultural and vocational identities
  • Andy Powell - Eduserv
  • David White - Oxford University on identities in Second Life
  • Jenny Hughes - Pontydysgu - on how young children develop digital identities
  • Helen Keegan - Salford University on how audio and video students develop their online presence
  • Eileen Luebcke - Bremen University on culture and identities
  • Jenny Bimrose - University of Warwick - what is the role of careers guidance in developing identities

We will be broadcasting *LIVE* from 1800 - 1900 UK time, 1900 - 2000 Central European Time. To access the programme just click on this link or go to


this should open in your favourite MP3 player. And please tell your friends.

How do I participate?

Have an opinion or want to comment? Then drop us a line by email to graham10 [at] mac.com or come and join us live in the chatroom where we will be discussing the contents of the show:

Live chatroom link will appear here shortly


If you miss the broadcast you can down load it and listen to it anytime after Monday.

See you there :)
Graham and Steve

Past shows

7th July 2008: Emerging Mondays: the summer show


Are you into edupunk. Or is this just a ludicrous social construction by white males the wrong side of 40. The next Emerging Monday Sounds of the Bazaar LIVE radio programme on Monday 7 July will explore the edupunk phenomenon.

With interviews, music, strong opinion, poetry, our very own edupunk granny Leila and more. LIVE. Guests include:

Kathryn Greenhill - http://librariansmatter.com/blog/
Michael Caulfield - http://mikecaulfield.com/2008/05/26/edupunk/
and Martin Weller - http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/no_good_reason/


9th June 2008: Emerging Mondays launch show

'Social software - finding value? The right tools but the wrong approach?'

We will be kicking off at 19:00 UK Summer Time with an hour of fun packed radio on the topic of 'good' and 'bad' approaches to the use of social software. Join in and share your experiences.

You can access the radio show by putting the following address in you web browser


The stream should open in your default MP3 player e.g. iTunes. We will also be streaming the live broadcast into Second Life where Graham will be taking questions during the show and we will be debating, discussing the issues that come up. You can find us on the Emerge Island at the following location and please come along if you want to meet other listeners and raise your own point of view on this months topic.

SLURL : secondlife://Emerge/69/80/36

This months show features Steve Wheeler from Plymouth College talking about social software, Neil Oughton on using Wordpress to support students, Hank Horkoff from China Pod in Shanghai on Personal Learning Environments and language teaching and learning and of course our culture spot with the Last Poet in Oxford. We will be holding a regular ‘phone in’ slot over Skype and would love to welcome you live on the show. Make sure I have your Skype address – mine is GrahamAttwell and we will be happy to chat to you on Monday evening. If you are with us in Second Life then I will also be taking questions from the floor.

See you there :)
Graham and Steve