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Cristina Costa :: Blog :: Looking forward to York!

January 12, 2008


How are you all doing?


Here I am again, this time to follow Josie’s suggestion.

I have deactivated the feed from by blog and from now on all the post I publish here will be directly related to the Emerge experience. But for the communication to flow and grow it is necessary everyone pitches in with their own compositions and comments, because they do count too! :-)

In two weeks time we will be meeting in York and I thought I should introduce myself before that, so it becomes easier to get the conversation going in York.

I am Cristina and I think I can say I belong to the set of old friends! Cool

I am currently working at the University of Salford, where I help staff members to develop pedagogical approaches with the aid of learning technologies. I also belong to several online communities which have helped me to get a better understanding of what learning online and in community is all about.

Last year, just aroud this time, I was starting to post my first thoughts here in Emerge, and the more I posted and read about what other people published, the more I got to know them. As you must have guessed by now, I am not from the UK and didn’t know any of the other Emergers before the first face-to-face event. By communicating with them through this platform I was able to establish connections and bonds with the other members in an easier way.

Through our writings we also came to understand we had common interests and shared the same line of thoughts. I can say I have made some good friends and got to know very interesting people, with whom I have learned loads. Some of these interactions have developed in closer collaborations which have enriched my learning experiences.

I am really excited about starting this new conversation and keep it going in and after York.

Looking forward to your posts!

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