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February 11, 2009


The “Online Round Table 2009″ are a joint project of the EduCamp and EVOLVE network [These are pre-events of the third German EduCamp in April, 17th-19th 2009 in Ilmenau.] This open session will take place in Elluminate in February, 16 at 6pm GMT / 7 pm CET (check your time zone here )

More info here (scroll down for the English version of the post) This session will have Mario Grobholz and Steven Warburton as Guest speakers, and is open to anyone interested in this topic. And no password is required to join the online event. Simply add your name to the text box, and click ‘go’

Please notice that elluminate does not allow special characters. Make sure to use only regular characters (no ~ or ` , for instance) when adding your name to the Elluminate sign in box.

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