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Cristina Costa :: Blog :: Is SL supposed to be an imitation of the 1st life?

July 18, 2007


I can’t say that I am a big SL fan, but I haven’t discarded it totally as a learning possibility. And although I still haven’t been able to completely realize its full educational potential, I also think it is fun to fly around and sometimes get lost (very easily), even with a map on the side – but I am even good at this in my first life...!

What I still haven’t been able to understand is why some (many) people that I know try to reproduce their first self in their Second Life, as they usually name their avatars after themselves. I had never given much thought to it before, but now I am here asking why, because recently I have also been asked why I had done precisely the opposite. To be honest, it never crossed my mind to choose my own name to use in SL simply because I saw it as a second me, and not as an(other) electronic reproduction of my-self. One me is already hard to put up with, now imagine 2. It can be exasperating!!Innocent

I suppose I unconsciously adopted something similar to Fernando Pessoa’s approach as I decided to create a heteronym (?), but the truth is that I still haven’t devoted much time to develop that second character that much…

Another similar question comes to mind every time I visit an Island that was apparently created with an educational purpose, and see that conference and class rooms have been created to host some kind of learning event or deliver lectures by a certain educational institution. And that is why I also ask myself why I, as a student, should bother to become a SLifer if I am getting the same treatment and being exposed to similar modes of delivering content, when SL is not that straightforward, demands a lot of bandwidth, not allowing one to multi-task, and also when it takes an awful lot of time to create an avatar, which usually resembles the image of your real-you!

But like I said, I want to keep an open mind about it and I just need to be shown better examples than the ones I have seen so far.

….and here I am pretending to be a blogger too, when I should be trying hard to prepare my presentation, which is apparently bringing me to a nervous breakdown, as I am not being able to put two sentences together in my first language. Lately, I have been stuck in the middle of three languages and can’t tell anymore which one I am worse at!Undecided


(Post originally written on 16JUL07) 

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  1. ALll very good points. Sl and other enviroments can be used for such a huge range of things that trying to workout what it is 'for' is never fruitful. The question should be 'what can it do for me?'.

     If the education/teaching is at a distance then the traditional formats transposed into Sl are not so bad but not great. I the teaching is supporting face-to-face courses then they are a waste of time and a classic example of people translating exisiting paradigms into a new format without questioning there validity.

    David WhiteDavid White on Thursday, 19 July 2007, 10:38 UTC # |

  2. Cristina, I read somewhere recently that just because there is a new technology does not mean it has any value in education - but that some people do their level best to make it seem so.

    I'm sure you can learn in there and people do and others make lots of money at it as well. For the most of us I doubt its impact will be felt to any great extent. That aside it actually does have an impact on my computer as it routinely crashes when I run it. ; )

    Maybe a bit of fun to mess around in there sometimes if there's nothing good on youtube or flickrvision.



    Nicholas BowskillNicholas Bowskill on Friday, 20 July 2007, 20:44 UTC # |

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