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Cathy Tombs :: Blog :: National Workshop 23-10-08 outputs

January 06, 2009

Our Benefits Realisation bid, funded by JISC, is anchored within PREVIEW, PLaNET, Open Habitat and the Emerge community, and is designed to maximise knowledge sharing across the higher education sector.

Evidence from presentations and keynotes undertaken worldwide across the projects indicate the need for a face to face dissemination and knowledge sharing event which includes road maps of activities that work in immersive virtual worlds and machinima that can be used as demonstrators.

From this evidence, a National Workshop was organised and hosted by Coventry University on October 23rd 2008. A vast number of delegates came from across the UK HE sector and some from even further. The workshop was a massive success, bringing together diverse groups involved in developing learning in immersive worlds both within and beyond the Emerge community and related projects.

See below for details of the presentations and links to the National Workshop's outputs. Unfortunately we were not able to film all presentations.

Please note you will need Microsoft Powerpoint to view the slideshows.

National Workshop 23-10-08 Outputs

  • Simon Bignell, University of Derby :- Good practice: Giving talks, seminars and teaching in 3D multi-user virtual environments [Video] [Powerpoint Presentation]
  • Mark Childs, Coventry University :- The Theatron project [Video]
  • Emily Conradi, Terry Poulton, Sheetal Kavia & Luke Woodham, St. George's University :- The PREVIEW project [Powerpoint Presentation]
  • Jim Hensman, Coventry University :- Virtual and physical worlds and in-between: where does the learning fit?
  • David Burden, DADEN Ltd. :- Integrating virtual worlds with the web and the physical world [PDF presentation]
  • Nicola Avery, Lee Gillam and Anna VartapetianceSalmasi, University of Surrey :- Machine ethics and online gambling: building the EthiCasino [Video] [Powerpoint Presentation]
  • Joff Chafer, Coventry University :- Augmented Second Life performances
  • David White, University of Oxford :- The unbearable lightness of being (an avatar) [Video]
  • Maggi Savin-Baden :- Questions, reflections and close [Video]

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