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Frances Bell :: Blog :: Looking for papers on Immersive Virtual Worlds, Second Life et al

January 16, 2008

 Maggi Savin Baden and Rob Ward are guest editing a Special Issue of ALT-J that will be of interest to some in the Emerge Community - so  polish up that half-written paper or get started now.




Special issue of ALT-J, Research in Learning Technology http://www.alt.ac.uk/callforpapers_altj_ivw.html


Immersive virtual worlds (IVWs), such as Second Life, Active Worlds, Croquet and Forterra and massive multi-player games (MMPGs), such as EverQuest and  World of Warcraft represent a paradigm shift in learning technology, and an important challenge to the world of education. The aim of this special issue of ALT-J is to develop and publish a timely collection of papers representing current research, developments and ideas in educational applications of IVWs and MMPGs. Of particular interest are papers that go beyond descriptions of objects and activities to build links between practice and pedagogy, and offer conceptual, methodological and analytical rigour.  Full details at http://www.alt.ac.uk/callforpapers_altj_ivw.html . For queries and guidance relating to the call please contact Robert Ward r.d.ward@hud.ac.uk or Maggi Savin-Baden m.savinbaden@coventry.ac.uk


Important dates


Until 22 February  2007 Submission of abstracts and formal/informal response from Special Issue Editors.


Submission of full papers 31st March 2008

Overview for Keywords: avatar, identity, journal, secondlife, virtual worlds, writing

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