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Frances Bell :: Blog :: Connectivism MOOC sparks a critique- Actor-network theory vs Connectivism - seconds out!

November 11, 2008

The Connectivism MOOC with 2200+ students has been running for the last 9 weeks.  I have been participating but not doing the official assignments ;-) 

This has been a fantastic learning experience - demanding, frustrating, provoking and above all social. My main motive for participation was to pursue an idea I have had for about 18 months about a comparison of two theories that seem similar but don;t talk to each other, namely Actor-Network theory and Connectivism.  Here is the latest instalment of my critique - enjoy and comment! http://francesbell.com/2008/11/09/cck08-is-connectivism-a-learning-network/

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Posted by Frances Bell


  1. Snap!

    Re: What is a Learning Theory? by George Roberts - Friday, 3 October 2008, 03:50 PM. "... To leap ahead, connectivism, as I understand it, thus far, has much in common with Salomon's ideas of distributed cognition, and actor network theory: we are shaped by our contexts and our knowledge is embodied in all actors, artefacts of culture, and the physical world."

    George RobertsGeorge Roberts on Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 22:27 GMT # |

  2. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Connectivism MOOC is not a game of Snap. As well as your reference to ANT, several of us have brought up ANT - before and after your post http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/moodle/mod/forum/search.php?search=%22actor+network+theory%22&id=20 and http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/moodle/mod/forum/search.php?search=%22actor-network+theory%22&id=20.  So there are plenty of us spotting the links - the question is "what impact does this have on connectivism as a theory?"

    I'd love you to comment on my full post George.

    Frances BellFrances Bell on Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 22:44 GMT # |

  3. Forgive my momentary enthusiasm for connection. Hurrah for all, who have also spotted the similarities. So do we have a case of convergent evolution, or speciation? Soes connectivism draw on ANT? Will ANT modify connectivism? Does it matter? I will explore this and post the link when I have.

    George RobertsGeorge Roberts on Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 09:44 GMT # |

  4. Hi Frances

    I have commented on your full post - rather too long. 

    George RobertsGeorge Roberts on Thursday, 13 November 2008, 23:49 GMT # |

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