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August 14, 2007

Some of you may be interested in this call for chapters - Sabine Little is excellent.


Beyond Consultation: Developing Staff-Student Partnerships in Learning
and Teaching Development and Research

Call for Chapters

Editors: Laura Jenkins and Sabine Little

The aim of this book is to build on existing and emerging expertise in
staff-student partnerships that go beyond the consultation model,
instead illustrating an approach of staff and students collaborating to facilitate institutional change. Following the collaborative philosophy of the book, chapter proposals are invited from staff-student author teams, focusing on student involvement regarding learning and teaching development, and evaluation
and research respectively.  The book will be co-edited by a staff-student editorial team.

Proposed Audience
There is a strong emergent interest in staff-student partnerships that go beyond the consultation model, and it is envisaged that the book will be of interest to higher education institutions aiming to develop collaborative models of student engagement in the areas of learning and teaching development, evaluation, and research. The book will be of interest to academic members of staff as well as learning developers, but furthermore having the potential to be of interest to policy-makers who wish to engage in or consult student-centred research as part of their considerations. The book will embrace a jargon-free language, thus making it accessible to various levels of academia. At the same time, the problematisation of learning and teaching issues from the dual perspective of student and staff should provide an engaging challenge at a high academic level.  

Book structure  

The book will be split into two distinct sections, focusing on student involvement in learning and teaching development on the one hand, and evaluation and research on the other. Chapters should be approximately 6,000-7,000 words in length, and should include a brief reflection from both staff and student authors at the end, focusing on the experience of the collaborative process and learning that took place. The chapters will be peer-reviewed, and part of the editorial process will consist of providing brief introductions to each chapter, tying it together with other chapters the reader may find of interest.  Potential areas of interest might include, but are not limited to  a)        involving students as part of a departmental research strategy; b)        student networks aiming to feed into learning and teaching development; c)        student-centred or student-led evaluation; d)        student involvement in learning, teaching and assessment strategies; e)        student-led initiatives to involve other students in learning and teaching issues around the institution; f)        the use of student-authored materials in learning and teaching; g)        students engaging in peer mentoring/tutoring schemes.  It is expected that chapters will not simply report case studies, but will ground findings in appropriate research and background literature.  Key Dates  Prospective author teams should send an expression of interest by email to Sabine Little (s.little@shef.ac.uk) as soon as possible, followed by a 500 word abstract by 15th November 2007. Abstracts should clearly outline the content of the chapter and propose a section under which it might be included. Please also provide very brief information regarding the staff-student author team.  As soon as possible (latest 30 September 2007) 15 November 2007: Abstracts received 15 December 2007: Accepted chapters and book structure confirmed with authors 31 May 2008: Final chapters due, sent out for peer review 15 July 2008: Peer reviews received
31 July 2008: Reviews mailed to authors
30 September 2008: Revised chapters due
18 December 2008: Book due with publisher

We are currently in negotiations with publishers and will keep all
up-to-date on developments.


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