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October 25, 2007

Call for Papers
Workshop on sociotechnical insights in interaction design
(May 30th )in BCS Offices in London, United Kingdom

A joint event of the BCS Interaction and Sociotechnical groups 

Aims and goals of the workshop
Diverse areas of the social sciences explore and conceptualize the
relation between people, society and technology under the rubric of
'sociotechnical', which can bring interesting insights into interaction
design. Organizational studies of technology adoption have a well
defined conceptual framework known as sociotechnical systems theory with
established principles. However, the situation is not the same for
interaction design research, which gives diverse uses to the term
'sociotechnical' when involving social methods and theories.
Methodological perspectives like ethnography, ethnomethodology and
activity theory have had a clear impact in interaction design, but the
potential contribution of other areas of the social sciences has not
become so clear and uniform despite the increased development of the
pervasive and social proxy - mediating and mediated -- characters of
interactive systems.

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