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George Roberts :: Blog :: Welcome to Emerge and the U&I Programme

December 12, 2007

Welcome, new project teams Laughing  Lawrie has informed all the bidders into the U&I funding round of the outcomes of the selection process. It was not easy for any of us involved but if one of the aims of the programme has been to produce high quality bids then (pace formal evaluation) this has been a great success. From my perspective, I am heartened, pleased - and also saddened that all the great bids could not be funded - by the quality of the field. We have some great projects emerging from Emerge and some great new teams joining the community. I am looking forward to meeting all the new teams online and at the Programme meeting in York 24 and 25 January.

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  1. George - is there a list somewhere to say who has been funded for what yet?

    Rebecca O'RourkeRebecca O'Rourke on Wednesday, 09 January 2008, 14:51 GMT # |

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