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George Roberts :: Blog :: Happy New Year

January 03, 2008

Hi all new and old members of the Users and Innovation Programme. I hope you are starting to find your way around this site and thinking how you might best use it. Me, I am one-hand typing with a new baby on my lap, half thinking about Web2.0, Social Networking and the UIDM and half wondering how to get infantile blowback off the sofa covers.

Please be sure you register for the Programme launch meeting in York and try to set up a "community page" inside this Egg. I look forward to seeing you all at the end of the month.


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Posted by George Roberts


  1. Happy New Year and congratulations on the new baby!

    It looks like a new Learning Technologies Community is starting to develop. I just wonder what they will say about our practice now. 

    Hopefully the issues we are currently dealing with will be irrelevant for them then ...meaning they have been solved… However, I am sure they will struggle with other new ones. It is a world in motion, where new needs and opportunities are always EMERGing! :-)

    See you in York. I have already reserved a place! 

    Cristina CostaCristina Costa on Friday, 04 January 2008, 09:29 GMT # |

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