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February 19, 2008

Following the survey, analysis and review, we have created four thematic clusters for the purposes of: 

  • supporting projects
  • facilitating evaluation of the programme
  • stimulating synergies and community development.

The clusters - three fives and a seven - include all funded projects from call 02/07 and the three "e-admin" projects from the earlier call. However the shape of the clusters has also been strongly influenced by the wider community's responses to the survey and reading the bids. Through the benefits realisation programme ("led by the community, anchored in the projects") we hope that all participants, new and old, in project teams or the wider CoP will find the cluster groups a part of the conversation: something to work with - and against - as your engagement with the U&I programme progresses.

In one sense it is an impossible task to reduce the complexity of the programme to a single set of groups. The questionnaire addressed three dimensions of interest: theme, technology and discipline area. To these we could have added several others, for example region and stage through the UIDM (UIDM maturity model). In practice we expect a certain degree of dynamic clustering to evolve through the benefits realisation programme as participation in the community grows, as projects' missions diffuse and reform, as the description of the UIDM becomes richer, and as the evaluation strands stimulate us all to reflect.

Here I present a summary. In a follow-on post there will be a full discussion of the process.

Each cluster will be provided with the services of a person as facilitator, and throughout the programme various activities, face-to-face and in cyber space will be encouraged for the purposes of helping you and wider communities to get the most from the programme.

Cluster 1) Social networking and collaborative learning through information discovery and exchange:

  • Awesome
  • Helmet
  • Content Integration
  • GoldDust
  • SkillClouds
  • TicTocs
  • Streamline

Cluster 2) Multimedia social technologies for engagement, reflection and learning:

  • Habitat
  • Reflect2.0
  • ASEL
  • PLaNet

Cluster 3) Shifting centres: time, place, agency and technologies for learning:

  • M3
  • Argosi
  • SoundsGood
  • MacFob
  • PreView 

Cluster 4) Web2.0 platforms for learning, teaching and skills development:

  • Persona
  • UKCAN-Skills
  • eTutor
  • Flourish

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  1. ... something to work with - and against - or even absolve George? Smile

    this emerging turning point reminds of some detailed work being done by our wider community as we speak: developments presented at the Challenging Groupware: Emerging Configurations for Distributed Interaction event last week included reference to Gloria Mark's work on "Network-Centricity: Hindered by Hierarchical Anchors" (full paper currently available here)

    for example, might each of the four clusters ordained thus far each have a community space set up on this here elgg platform so that these can be open to any emerge member joining/leaving/straddling as the U&I programme continues to evolve through phase II?

    (do hope this helps keep the emergenomics conversation going, if nothing else Wink )

    aporiaaporia on Thursday, 21 February 2008, 13:31 GMT # |

  2. absolve?

    yes, clusters will have spaces. Joe is setting these up.

    George RobertsGeorge Roberts on Friday, 22 February 2008, 08:51 GMT # |

  3. yes, absolve - for the possible cardinal sin of perpetuating bureaucracy for (the evaluation of) bureaucracy's sake Undecided

    come on dear G, how about we emergers try resisting the temptation to simply accept tweaking from 'above'and rather set ourselves up with the four clusters you have announced thus far, inviting projects (and non-projects alike) to take their starting positions, and then cut the membership free to do whatever makes sense in situ to each as each project plan begin to co-evolve with its respective user and co-innovator communities?

    surely we of U&I aren't having to concede to becoming square-pegged as just another OGC programme already, irrespective of our arguably well-rounded endeavours to date? Wink

    aporiaaporia on Monday, 25 February 2008, 11:55 GMT # |

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