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March 01, 2008

I have been spending a couple of hours with the OLPC XO. It is a quirky machine. Clearly not aimed at me! I expect a couple of kids would have found a hundred more things to do. All I want is boring grown-up stuff like writing and reading. The fact that it ships with 4 music editors and only the one simple text editor says something. But it is a bit "worthy". I'd like more games. Maybe there is an independent game developer community.

The keys are a bit small, but it is built for kids' fingers not my sausages.

But, heck, you can ALT-tab between the editor, the browser and a drawing program, cut and paste between them, and there is an RSS reader built in. The wifi was unproblematic - dead easy to work with my  Belkin router. I guess I'll hve to register it with Brookes wireless. 

It is a strange mix of programmer and and teacher. Will kids get it? I am not sure I do, but it is fun to have my hands on the realisation of Negroponte's vision

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  1. can you edit google docs with it? if so, perhaps you don't need an office suite on-board?

    I think we're going to see a segmentation of the sub-$250 laptop market, with XOs appealing to some, EeePCs to others and Everex to yet others.

    But hey, as long as they run Linux, and are pushing prices down rather than pointless features up - the OLPC vision still stands!

    Yishay MorYishay Mor on Monday, 03 March 2008, 01:14 GMT # |

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