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George Roberts :: Blog :: ESRC virtual seminar: Social Learning in Virtual Worlds

March 14, 2008

I, that is, my avatar, Linfield Ekersley, went to this seminar. I enjoyed the Emerge auditorium. The builders of the Emerge Island, Kisa Naumova, Cubist Scarborough and StevenW Bohm (is that the correct attribution?) get high compliments, indeed: you done yourselves, Emerge and the U&I programme proud (but you knew that!). Thanks. And, I learned that Kisa made Alan Yentob's avatar for the beeb. Check it out. Cooi.

I posted a long comment to Steve Warburton's blog here, and posted some snaps to the Emerge pool. SL and MUVEs stimulate a lot of thought. Although, kind of a passing discussion in the seminar, the question of what it means to be present in the world, and the reification of presence as something to be produced and consumed represents a new disturbance - or defamiliarisation - a ripple in the weft of the fabric of reality.

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Posted by George Roberts


  1. Hi George,

     thanks for your comments and for visiting our seminar in SL :-)

    We had an interesting face to face event today.

    I want to thank the EMERGE community for giving us access to the auditorium in SL.  Also, I would like  to thank all the participants (most of them EMERGE members) who attended the virtual and the face-to-face event.

    Our goal was to increase interest in this area and was intentionally kept informal to allow for informal discussions and networking.  Definitely still a lot needs to be done for efficient facilitation of such seminars in SL.

    thanks again, 


    Panayiotis ZaphirisPanayiotis Zaphiris on Friday, 14 March 2008, 19:29 UTC # |

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