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March 14, 2008

This post supplements information linked to from Projects, in the right sidebar menu. Thematic clusters are a component of the new environment for the U&I programme as we move into the benefits realisation phase. The purposes of clusters are to help support projects, to create a synthesis across project outputs, and facilitate serendipity.

Those of you who are following Emerge developments on the platform may have noticed this post: “Tweaking the Clusters

The community needs a chance to define its internal dimensions of demarcation. I used a survey to interrogate the community members about their views of dimensions of participation.

The result has been four clusters. Could could people please: 

  • mail me with corrections to this list
  • comment below this post on the thematic clusters
  • check their information on the Projects page

  1. Social networking and collaborative learning through information discovery and exchange
  2. Multimedia social technologies for engagement, reflection and learning
  3. Shifting centres: time, place, agency and technologies for learning
  4. Web2.0 platforms for learning, teaching and skills development

Posted by George Roberts

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