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George Roberts :: Blog :: Families/communities: gotta love 'em

March 22, 2008

Had my parents for a week. First time seeing their new grandchild. It was great and for the most part very relaxing. As ever amid the joy there is tension. Children compete even when they are grown up. How quickly we can revert to sandbox behaviour. In a blog some time back on intentional communities (follow it for links to a correspondence with Stephen Downes about Emerge, which spun off of another post I made on consolidation in Emerge) some of the shadows that can pass over the face of a community are alluded to. A friend of mine, who is drawn to intentional communities and retreats regularly to them comes back down to earth equally regularly with the observation that they do a lot of sitting 'round the kitchen table squabbling. Communities - and families - need ways of dealing with disagreement and difficulty as much as they need ways of building harmony from the positive experiences of members.

Posted by George Roberts

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