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George Roberts :: Blog :: Emerge: What's it all about? Part 3

March 31, 2008

This is further to my emerging hypertext part-work on Emerge: What's it all about? Links to part 1 and part 2 and this post can also be found at the top of the About page.

The work packages filed with the JISC for the Emerge project are:

Work Package 1 - Manage the benefit realisation activities, anchored in funded projects and led by the community, e.g. The current community call for Benefits Realisation small projects and subsequent similar calls to come. Earlier activity of this sort is represented by the Benefits realisation Phase 1 projects. The call for these is here.

Work Package 2 - Undertake specific activities to support the CoP:

  • Blended f2f and online community facilitation workshops (including UIDM workshops), seminars and other events, e.g. Josie's post announcing the Online conference here. All the events have a place on the Emerge Moodle.
  • Social software and community tools, training and materials, i.e. the platform.

Work Package 3 - Disseminate, communicate and embed project and programme outputs and transfer outputs from the CoP to the wider Educational sector, adding to the e-framework knowledge base, where work is just starting.

Work Package 4 - Implement appreciative evaluation led methodology for capturing community development processes and steering the development of the CoP, i.e. the Appreciative inquiry work led by Rhona Sharpe, visible here, (login required).

Work Packages 5, 6, and 7 - address the refinement, training and support, and evaluation of the Users and Innovation Development Model (UIDM) through the application of Participatory Design and Rapid Application Development principles to structured development stages (login required)

I hope readers find this account useful. 

Posted by George Roberts

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