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George Roberts :: Blog :: Emerge Reception at ALT-C, Tuesday 9 Sept, 1710-1820 before the Social Programme

July 24, 2008

Hi JISC U&I/Emerge people

Come to the Emerge reception at ALT-C to raise a glass (wine, bottle of beer?) to the U&I projects who have a session at this year's ALT conference (hope I haven't missed anyone). Well done! You are invited, and bring colleagues and friends to a brief, live, streaming internet radio show: "Emerging Sounds of the Bazaar", presented by Graham Attwell and (maybe, ok?) featuring sessions from the following JISC U&I/Emerge ALT sessions:

Outtakes streaming in and out of Second Life, parallel chat, twemes, audiographic, serious, digital-storytelling fun.

  • 0016  Sounded Good (Sounds Good)
  • 0065 Alternate Reality Games (Argosi)
  • 0114 Pedagogy or Technology (Preview)
  • 0129 The Awesome Dissertation (Awesome) POSTER
  • 0159 From Swords to Hairstyles (Habitat)
  • 0172 Web 2.0: The digital Divide between the Net Generation Learner, Institution and Practice (Asel)
  • 0208 Understanding skills (SkillClouds)
  • 0253 3-D Multi-User Virtual Environments for Socialisation of Distance Learners (Moose)
  • 0264 Can on-line communities and networks bridge digital divides? (Evolve)

Any more? Let me know.

See you there.

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