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George Roberts :: Blog :: Emerge: Live at Leeds, ALT-C 2008, 9-11 September 2008

September 08, 2008

Participants in the JISC Users and Innovation Programme have been successful at ALT-C: at least 9 papers accepted in the conference. Well done, all. Of these ALT has agreed that we can Elluminate five:
  • Tuesday 1130 Alternate reality games for inclusive induction (Argosi)
  • Tuesday 1400 Multi-User Virtual Environments for Socialisation of Distance Learners (Moose)
  • Tuesday 1600 The digital divide between the net generation learner, institution and practice (Asel)
  • Wednesday 0900 Understanding skills: individual and institutional perspectives (SkillClouds)
  • Wednesday 1100 Sounded Good: but, was it? A review of the Sounds Good project (Sounds Good)
These sessions are open to participants in the JISC Users and Innovation Programme and can be accessed from the Emerge Moodle installation. You will need to be a logged-in user to access the sessions.

Overview for Keywords: ALT-C 2008, Emerge_Info, projects, radical pedagogy

Posted by George Roberts

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