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December 03, 2008

This is my take on where to be and what to do, focussing on the fringe and unconference events around the JISC U&I programme and the Emerge project.

Wednesday 3 December

1700 Drinks reception on the JISC stand

2030 CET is the Edubloggers meetup in the Ambassador lounge bar Sorat Hotel Ambassador Berlin, Bayreuther Straße 42 · D-10787 Berlin (Five minutes walk from InterContinental).

Thursday 4 December

11.00 CET broadcast

1200-1300 CET

  • Dragons Den on the JISC Stand pitch for future funding with Dave White from Open Habitat with smouldering dragons Paul Bailey and Josie Fraser

1330 - 1430 CET Demos on the JISC stand

  • Open Habitat by Dave White 
  • MOOSE Modelling Second Life Environments by Gilly Salmon, Palitha Edirisingha 

1400 - 1600 MUVES for 21st Century Education Schinkel I/II

  • Multi User Virtual Worlds (MUVEs) provide new avenues for teaching and learning. This expert session brings together practitioners engaged in educational research into MUVEs - with Graham Hibbert and Stephen Warburton

1600 - 1630 CET Demos on the JISC stand

  • Web 2 Rights by Neill Witt 

1615 - 1730 Second Life Learning Experiences Potsdam I

  • Second Life continues to intrigue trainers and educationalists. During this session, chaired by Graham Attwell, presenters including Jean Miller from Linden Labs, will describe how they are using Second Life to create meaningful and highly engaging learning experiences for their target audience.

19.30 CET Emerge hosting

  • Microblogging debate in the Marlene Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Friday 5 December

11.00 CET bsecond live broadcast

  • Sounds of the Bazaar radio show, LIVE from the conference. ICWE stand B54. http://tinyurl.com/6df6ar in your web browser. The programme will open in your MP3 player of choice.

1145 - 1330 CET Schöneberg

  • Advances in Learning Design including George Roberts, What gives life to our community

1200 - 1300 dragons den

  • Gilly Salmon and the MOOSE team face the dragons 

1300 CET Emerge SIG Lunches

  • Josie Fraser on Microblogging
  • Graham Attwell on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

1330 - 1345 Demos on the JISC Stand

  • Emerge by George Roberts

More events will be added as they are discovered. 



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