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December 04, 2008

The edubloggers' meet, first live radio show, and the first dragons' den have been done. These events are all grabbing audio and video outputs of JISC Emerge-related activity, and represent three modes. Edubloggers was pure community building where people introduced themselves around a table : I am nnn from ppp and I blog about x. Any recording was random and the sense of community was the tangible output. The live radio show collected a mix of vox pop and pre planned interviews which will be presented in raw and edited formats. I am guessing that the raw experience will have been better on-site than after the fact. The interviewers moved through the fair grabbing and interviewing many people about where they came from and what they want to get out to the conference. The edited piece, I expect will be good value. Finally the Dragons den is intended to be cut into an edited/produced show addressing issues of sustainability and - in this case - the uses of formal and informal learning. From chaos to order and all points in between. I think this journey is essential for any knowledge creation.

Posted by George Roberts

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