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December 08, 2008

I had an interesting onsite conversation through onsite messaging with Alan Cann about how to moderate one's own aggregated output into the Emerge Elgg. There is a difference between a "community" site service like Elgg and what I'll call primary blogging. Emerge is supposed to be a service abetting the formation of a community around an interest in user engagement. There are many people in the Users and Innivation Programme who blog. The home page is a stream of these posts. Some people blog on-site, like I am doing here. Others feed off-site posts to their Emerge "blog". Neither approach is preferred. What is important is that the home page not become dominated by a few prolific voices and that the posts be broadly of interest to those who are interested in user-centred development.

Alan, has got both reasonably provoked and provocative about the "jiscies" (Who are they? I only nibble the hand that feeds me from time to time. Though, I might be an Emergie?) But, he is right the processes of participating in a community of interest/purpose/practice (delete according to your religion) is not always clear.

He has very helpfully shown how he created a feed to pull only certain tagged items from his Edublog Awards nominated blog. Am I now sleeping easier in my cozy website? I don't think so! 

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  1. Ich bin ein JiscieInnocent

    Paul MayesPaul Mayes on Monday, 08 December 2008, 14:53 GMT # |

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