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George Roberts :: Blog :: Posterous has closed the camera, phone, Flickr loop for me

February 09, 2009


I was mildly annoyed (a usual state for me) a year or three ago when Ericsson bundled Blogger in the firmware of their good camera phones. I didn’t want to set up a Blogger ID, all I wanted to do was post to Flickr. For a while I tried to use Shozu (http://www.shozu.com/portal/index.do), but its Java applet crashed my phone. Repeatedly. I expect things are better these days. Now, of course, Flickr has email uploader addresses and phones pretty much come with mail accounts nnn@telco.com but I never really got my head around them. Then, I stumbled on Posterous via Iain Dodsworth’s TweetDeck blog (http://tweetdeck.posterous.com/). Posterous has about the easiest sign-up facility of any site, ever, and an “autopost to everywhere” service (http://posterous.com/autopost) that lets you send mails to e.g. flickr@posterous.com. So, I activated my dormant 3-mail account told posterous that it was mine and, snap. Take a pic and email to flickr@posterous.com. It just works. I like services like that. My posterous is here.

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