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March 31, 2009

I will keep this short and sweet. This is the last night of the Emerge project and its Elgg site as has been .

18 January 2007 we pitched the bid to the JISC. 26 Months later, I am saying farewell to a beautiful project. As ever it is the people who have made it what it has been.

This site will be suspended shortly. For the history, please visit the Emerge Reports site. The Emerge home page will soon redirect here. I would also point you at the Brief valediction to Emerge, which I wrote for NGTiP. Farewell!

We have been consulting widely about whether this site should continue past the funding period. My view is that less is more: it is better to exit on a high, burn out don't fade away. The platform can be available until at least March 2011 and probably until 2013.  If you have an idea for using an Elgg 0.9 environment - it has a lot of good feature, not least the aggregator. We are working to make this available in Elgg 1.nn. Maybe soon. 

You might want to watch a brief video from Online Educa http://blip.tv/file/1931778 (great editing, Dirk!)


So, for me it is over to the Create Support, Synthesis and Benefits Realisation (SSBR) project and the Institutional Innovation Programme.

Thank you everyone, who has made Emerge what it has been.


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