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June 24, 2007

The three broad stages of the Emerge project are:

  • Stage 1: Community formation: March – July ‘07
  • Stage 2: Project development: July – September ‘07
    • Transition: October ’07 – December ‘07
  • Stage 3: Project support: ~ December ’07 – March ‘09

But, the process of community formation never stops. Although I have identified it as a stage, we cannot think that “we have formed our community”. If anyone is in doubt, please note two recent events:

Not to mention the Knowplace development in Cristina's recent post.

And, ask yorselves how many participants in these online conferences participated in the Emerge online conference and, vice versa, how many people in the U&I strand participated in these conferences. I did not and I regret not being able to. There are a few cross overs, but the question really is how can the U&I support project best be open to the positive influences and shared experiences of the wider JISC, UK, European and International e-learning communities?

Because, there are many groups, networks, associations and, indeed, communities. I am not out to argue the definitions of these, but to  put forward a plea for an open society ethos in the practices of the U&I community.

This project is moving into its second phase. The Manchester event will be the culmination of the first phase and the inception of the second, but we should not think that we have "done community formation". As project teams start to come to terms with the needs-assessment stage of their own proposals, I ask them to recall their experiences as users of the Emerge project and to think of the challenges facing their own user communities. How will projects that go forward elicit user requirements? How will they involve users in their own development cycle?

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