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George Roberts :: Blog :: Small scale funded opportunities - Future of Emerge and the CoP

September 25, 2007

Announcing small scale funded opportunities for the CoP. I know many people in the community are busy writing projects and may not be thinking of the future beyond 2 October. But, you will get your bids in, life will go on and you can take pleasure in the joy you will have brought to the markers.

This message has two purposes:

The Emerge Project invites proposals from the CoP for small projects (c. £3K-£15K) to support preliminary findings in respect of your participation in the community of practice. This is a closed invitation to the members of the community of practice. Participants will find the Future of Emerge event on 9 October useful for considering what activities in this stage of the community of practice development will help to realise the longer-term benefits of the U&I programme.

The aims of this invitation are to:

  • capture the early lessons from the community
  • help determine the future shape and direction of the Users and Innovation Programme, and the CoP
  • sustain the CoP in the period between the bids being received and the projects let.
Small projects (c. £3K-£15K) are sought and will be commissioned which might comprise, for example:
  • information gathering and reporting
  • experiental outcomes dissemination
  • case study production
  • methodological reports
  • appreciative inquiry activities around the future of the CoP
  • U&I CoP trials of new platform features

I would like to encourage you to look not just at your project or team, but to engage in cross-project activity. In addition, as before you may ask for small travel grants for activity directly related to the activities of the Users and Innovation Programme.

The process of application for small projects to support preliminary findings will be light touch. Address preliminary inquiries to Marion Samler, Project Manager. Proposals should be no more than 3 pages. Proposals should:

  • state clearly and succinctly what you will do
  • itemise the expected output(s) of your work (report, case study, etc)
  • state the expected beneficial outcomes for the Users and Innovation programme and the community of practice.
  • summarise the budget lines for the amount requested.

Work must

  • start this calendar year
  • be presented (poster, community showcase, printed output) at the U&I Programme Launch Event in January '08

The invitation is a rolling call and will remain open until 11 December. The Emerge Project Director and Team, with oversight by the Programme Manager, will review the proposals as they come in. We anticipate being able to give you a positive decision within a week of receiving your proposal.

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