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Brief description

Graham Attwell is a researcher working for Pontydysgu in Pontypridd

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GrahamAttwell Skype Me!

Who am I?

My name is Graham Attwell. I live in Pontypridd in Wales, but I also spend much of my time in Bremen in Germany.

I work for Pontdysgu, an indepedent Welsh research institute.

I am working with the Emerge project support team.

Goals - I would like to ...

develop new pedagogies for technology assisted learning, develop new understandings of the importance of context in the use of open learning Resouces, Work together with people to develop great applications to support informal learning

Main Skills

developing ideas, facilitating, presenting, talking, writing


beer, films, food, football, ideas, people, talking, Werder Bremen, wikis, writing


bureaucracy, conservatives, paperwork, Tony Blair, VLEs