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Graham Attwell :: Blog :: Maggie goes into the Dragons Den - the podcast

November 25, 2008

Here it is - the podcast of the live radio show.

On Monday we broke new ground with Eneging our Sounds of the Bazaar radio show. We produced a special issue of Emerging Sound of the Bazaar entitled 'Into the Dragons Den'. The programme was a fly on the wall special following the progress of a Dragons Den session organised by the Jisc Emerge project.

The session was organised as part of the Users and Innovation Design Model process. As part of that model, at different times during the project development, project developers get invited to a session where they are quizzed by 'Dragons' on the progress of their project. The Dragons Den session featured on Sounds of the Bazaar podcast is the Preview project which is developing and piloting models for Problem Based Learning in Second Life. Maggie Savin-Baden represented the project. Paul Bailey and Chris Fowler were the dragons.

I'm not sure the Dragons roared. In fact, I think Maggie slayed the Dragons. But judge for yourself. As always many thanks to all those who took part in the programme including our phone in guests. Production and music by Dirk Stieglitz.

You can listen here. Or for more listening options head over to our post on the Wales Wide Web.

Posted by Graham Attwell

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