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Graham Attwell :: Blog :: emerging sounds with Willi Bruns

May 16, 2007

Willi BrunsTime to broaden our horizens. Emerging Sounds is going to feature work by researchers and practitioners from ourside the UK in an occasional series.

The first of that series features an interview with Willi Bruns. Willi is a Professor at the Artec Laboratory - Laboratory for Art, Work, Technology - at the University of Bremen in Germany.

Willi lists his interests as:


  •   Multiperspective shaping of technology
  • Production-Informatics/Mechatronics
  • Concepts of participatory systems design, modeling and simulation
  • Human-machine interaction based on tangible objects (Graspable User Interfaces,  Real Reality Concept)

In this interview Willi talks about ideas on interaction in virtial envronments and in particular about how we might develop interaction between the FirstLife and SecondLife.

Recommended listening for anyone interested in multi user virtual environments.  

Overview for Keywords: emerging sounds, MUVE, podcast, podcasting, Second Life

Posted by Graham Attwell

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