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Graham Attwell :: Blog :: Emerging Sounds with David White

May 21, 2007

 Monday morning and the first of another week's  Emerging Sounds. I am very happy to say we are featuting Emerge Community Members this week. Today's edition features an interview with David White.World of Warcraft

David White is manager of the Tall project at Oxford University. In the inetrveiw David talks about how we can use Multi User Environments for Learning including Second Life.

David is part of the MUVE (Multi user virtual envionment group) community here on the Emerge site). The MUVE community is a place for anybody interested or involved in multi-user virtual environments.

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Posted by Graham Attwell


  1. Good general rules about community that apply not only to SL/MUVEs

    George Robertsgeorge on Monday, 21 May 2007, 21:55 UTC # |

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