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Graham Attwell :: Blog :: Pontydysgu video channel launched

July 20, 2007

I've been very busy lately - apologies for non appearance of the Emerge podcasts but we will get a new batch out next week.

Much of our in Pontydysgu work this summer has been with multi media. We still have something of a backlog of projects to finish but we are beginning to see some light in the tunnel. I have to say it has been a steep learning curve (Final Cut pro is not a simple programme!)- and must pay credit to my colleagues Einion and Dirk who have done most of the slog work.

Anyway we are proud to announce the Pontydysgu video channel. The channel is hosted through the excellent blip.tv service (sadly the viewer does not seem to work with Elgg).

But the best way to watch it is on the brilliant new Miro Open Source video viewer. Download it and subscribe.

Our first production is a half hour video - e-Portfolio Development and Implementation - commissioned by the European funded MOSEP project. The video looks at the different understandings of the purpose of an e-Portfolio and goes on to examine a number of issues in e-Portfolio development and implementation - including:
  • ownership
  • providers
  • assessment
  • reflection.
This version is in the English language but we expect to release a German version next week, with Polish and French to follow.

We have also had requests for shorter clips and will aim to produce these in August. And we plan a high quality multilingual DV release for teacher training events etc (email me if you would like a copy).

The video is geared mainly at researchers and practitioners - teachers and trainers - working with e-Portfolios or planning to introduce e-Portfolios. It may be viewed as a stand alone resource but we are also planning to introduce an on line (or blended) professional development programme on e-Portfolios.

If you are interested in this programme please email me at grahamattwell@googlemail.com.

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