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Graham Attwell :: Blog :: Emerging Sounds with Tom Franklin

September 12, 2007

Great to see so many of you last week at Alt-C.jukebox

Well its time for another podcast. And this one, from the series of interviews by Cristina Costa is pretty topical. Last week the Emerge island was launched in Second Life.

I must say I was pretty intrigued by the Emerging Sounds jukebox which you can see here in its old location before it was moved. And I love the island. The Slers in Emerge have done a magnificent job in developing the spacce. Personally I used to be a little cynical about any real uses of SL for learning. The 'virtual classrooms' still leave me cold. But I can see real possibilities for knowledge exchange and development and for more informal discourses about project development and outcomes.

Not everyone is convinced. Tom Franklin most certainly isn't. In this interview he tells Cristina why. 


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