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October 14, 2007

Sorry for the lack of podcasts lately. I'm in a round of conferences and meetings. The good news is I have great new material - the bad news no time to edit it. I'm going to Portugal for the eLaerning Lisboa conference, organised as part of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union. I swore off these events some time ago. I was sick of official speeches and the lack of any real content. But the times they are achanging. There's some great sessions lined up including - to my memory for the first time in such an event - two sessions on communities of prctice. And the conference has a blog - see http://europaelearning.blogspot.com/ - running on social software. My presentation is on the theme of 'Digital and Social Cohesion - Regions, sustainable growth and technology'. It is focused on knowledge development as a key factor in innovation in regions. "What is important for the production of knowledge value is not so much facilities or equipment in the material sense, but the knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to be found among those engaged in its creation" (Sakaiya, 1991). The presentation goes on to look at how knowledge is developed and shared by workers in Small and Medium Enterprises. In the final section of the presentation I consider what policies could be enacted at regional level to support knowledge development and innovation. These include the extension of access to learning and support for communities of practice. I've tried in this presentation to adapt more of a visual story telling approach using cartoons. You can view the presentation at http://www.slideshare.net/GrahamAttwell/digital-and-social-cohesi
 (can anyone tell me how to embedd slideshare presentations in elgg?)Please tell me what you think. And I promise more podcasts soon.

Eek - got to get on an airplane - will try to clean this post up later.

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  1. i admire your stamina and like the cartoon presentation approach. who prepared the slides? was it by your own fair hands?

    Steven WarburtonSteven Warburton on Wednesday, 17 October 2007, 22:32 UTC # |

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