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The Open Habitat project. User generated content and social presence in MUVEs.

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Who are we?

Open Habitat
The Open Habitat project is a partnership between the University of Oxford, Leeds Metropolitan University and King’s College London. It will take an innovative approach to encouraging creative online collaboration in Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs).
Activity – Pilots
A competition to build a ‘shrine’ or visual embodiment of a philosophical idea in the Second Life MUVE will be set as part of the first year art & design undergraduate degree based at Leeds Metropolitan University. Parallel to this the project will facilitate discussions in an MUVE with students who have attended one of the University of Oxford’s online short courses in philosophy. The art & design students will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face during the pilot in contrast to the philosophy students who are distributed around the world.
Open Habitat will predominantly be using the Second Life MUVE because of its ubiquity and relative stability. The project will also be experimenting with OpenSim, an open source MUVE and DarkStar/MPK20 provided by Sun. These are representative of the widening range of 3D collaborative environments which are emerging across the web and which afford intriguing opportunities for teaching and learning.
The project will primarily generate guidelines, models and exemplars but will also be supported by the development/appropriation of software tools and services in and around the MUVEs themselves.