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Isobel Falconer :: Blog :: User engagement - a community practice?

April 11, 2008

Following a stimulating debate with the rest of the Emerge team, especially with Rhona, at our recent meeting in Birmingham (see Josie's blog post), I've been thinking about the relation of user engagement and the Emerge community.

The definition of a community of practice is that it forms around a common practice.  The idea of the U&I programme, I think, is that for the Emerge community, user engagement is (?should be?) the common practice. 

Viewing user engagement as the common practice, the user engagement support team then has three concerns or questions.  The first is a benchmarking-type question 

1) What is the practice? (what are the community doing at present, how are we interpreting user engagement, what is our experience of user engagement) 

Followed by two practice change or enhancement questions: 

2) How can we enhance community engagement with the practice? 

3) How can the practice be enhanced? 

Articulating the role of user engagement in the Emerge community in this way points up the logic of taking an AI approach to the user engagement practices of the community - evaluation of the community should include evaluation of the community’s engagement with its practice.



Posted by Isobel Falconer

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