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Janet Finlay :: Blog :: Planet Community Slot and thoughts about e-presenting

April 23, 2008

Thanks to all who joined us for the Planet community slot and to Yish who initiated it, got the case studies from people and then unfortunately was unable to join us due to family circumstances.  Apart from crashing out completely in the middle and running out of time at the end everything went well in spite of picking things up rather last minute.

It was interesting to be on the "presenting" side in Eluminate for the first time - and quite disconcerting. Face to face you can engage with your audience - see the agreements, disagreements, confusions, recognition on people's faces. Here you are trying to monitor two windows to assess how your audience are reacting, while simultaneously trying to follow your presentation and check that the camera isn't really broadcasting that pile of junk in the corner of your office!  It's a very different experience.

On the hand there are some useful advantages. Side chat is less distracting and can enhance rather than detract from the main presentation, allowing more audience participation and making the whole thing more interactive. Chairing or moderation can be more subtle and less public;  though prompts may be missed altogether. And recording is simple and unobtrusive.

But I still think I prefer to see the faces - most of the time! 

Anyway thanks for your patience today. I will post separately about the session itself later when I have had a chance to review the bits I missed when my computer crashed! 

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Posted by Janet Finlay


  1. Great session - it helped me understand what you were doing.

    You timed your dropping out excellently Wink

    Paul BaileyPaul Bailey on Wednesday, 23 April 2008, 17:46 BST # |

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