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Janet Finlay :: Blog :: Emerge Conference Event: Pattern Workshop on Developing and sustaining learning communities, Jun 23rd

June 18, 2008

The Pattern Language Network project (Planet) is running an online workshop at the Emerge Online Event on 23rd  June, around the theme of “Developing and sustaining learning communities“.


Education in the 21st century is increasingly based on different models to those of the past – emphasising peer-to-peer interaction, continuing and lifelong learning, and ubiquitous access. Learning communities are an essential part of making these new approaches work. But what makes learning communities successful, and what are the key methods and processes that need to be used to create and maintain them? The aim of the workshop is to look at examples of different learning communities, and attempt to identify the common features of successful practice, and how this relates to the context in which the learning takes place.

User contributed case studies are the starting point for the workshop. Each of these will be discussed in different subgroups to refine the cases and determine the key elements that led to the outcomes observed. Following this, the group as a whole will discuss the cases and begin the process of identifying the underlying design patterns. These nascent patterns will be then be refined and elaborated in other subgroups, with the aim by the end of session to have a set of candidate patterns, as well as an idea of the type of additional work and evidence needed to develop these further.

You are invited to submit case studies for the workshop. There is a form for this on the Planet wiki - register there at http://patternlanguagenetwork.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome. Case studies should be short and focused on a particular incident or experience rather than describe a whole project. Please take a few minutes to think about your experiences of learning communities and whether you have a case study that you can share with the rest of us!

Don't forget you also need to register for the Emerge Event to take part in the workshop.
For any enquiries, please contact: Jim Hensman – j.hensman@coventry.ac.uk or Janet Finlay - j.finlay@leedsmet.ac.uk

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