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Jim Hensman :: Blog :: Developing Innovation Networks and Communities of Practice – and the Future of Emerge

June 27, 2008

The report from the Emerge small project – Developing Innovation Networks and Communities of Practice – is now available at: http://elgg.jiscemerge.org.uk/jhensman/files/-1/292/InnovationCoP.pdf  The underlying aim of project was to look at how the Emerge Community could develop in the future in a sustainable way. To do this, it created a number of case studies covering a very wide area to look at common themes and issues around developing innovation communities generally, as well as gathering requirements for a university innovation community and looking how this could link with a wider community like Emerge. Conclusions are drawn from the evidence examined, as well as from theoretical work covering this area. A new model for understanding Web 2.0 functionality is suggested, and recommendations made - particularly regarding how communities of communities could be developed, and how this could be something that Emerge in the future could play a major part in. Anyone who participated in the Planet patterns workshop this week may also be interested on how learning and innovation communities compare, and how the pattern language approach links in with all this. Comments and discussion about the report are very welcome.

Posted by Jim Hensman

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