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Joe Rosa :: Blog :: Better TAG management

August 20, 2008

Some enhancements, bug fixes, and qualitative functionality for a better TAG management.

Adding or Editing a BLOG 

The core changes are when 'Adding' or 'Editing' a BLOG post. A 'personal' TAG cloud containing every TAG that a user used in BLOGs are shown allowing a quick-click selection, plus when typing a new TAG it shows a list of site wide TAGs that others have used as a 'suggestion'. It is a way of avoiding similar TAGs with different spellings.

[TAG Cloud]

Now it shows all TAGS that can be listed in alphabetic [Alpha] order for an easy search, randomly [Random] for improving serendipity (only 200 TAGs), in a chronologic [Ageing] order of TAG use, and by the 'mostly used' [Frequency] to find popular/main topics.

Frontpage cloud

The frontpage TAG cloud sorts the TAGs used on latest posts, and now includes all TAGs that a user have access rights, so when a user is LOGGED_IN is different from the PUBLIC access cloud. There are differences on TAG colouring that represents how long that TAG has been used relatively to other TAGs (Ageing).

These enhancements allows a better TAG management, and helps to extract a picture of the site contents.

Hope that is useful, and if you do have some suggestions, please email support@jiscemerge.org.uk or login a ticket at http://support.jiscemerge.org.uk 


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