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September 25, 2008

George brought to my attention comments about issues of using the new Google - Chrome browser to access Moodle environments (Google Chrome and Moodle).

I'm keeping an eye on the Moodle 2.0 release - it is expected beginning next year. It is more of a 'clean the code' and inputs from large users Open University type from UK, Netherlands and NewZealand. And it changes the Editor for the TinyMCE, the issue is Chrome.

But I think 'the thinking' is wrong - The Blog exposes that Moodle is not compatible with Chrome, however, in reality is that 'Chrome' is not compatible with Moodle. 'Chrome' is not compatible with old ways of doing things, lots of sites needs to change. Changes are good, and is what Internet is about, but maybe there is a bit of Google's arrogance in doing that, changing from friendly 'encompassing all' attitude to a soft/slightly dictator attitude.

'Power' consumes us soon or later ... (only a thought)

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