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John Heap :: Blog :: Does the e-framework work?

July 05, 2008

I have just been re-reading parts of the e-framework (well, it was a 'slow news day') so that I could offer colleagues on the Streamline project advice on creating Service Usage Models (SUMS).  Everytime I look at the framework documentation, I find it 'worthy but dull' ... and I suspect the framework itself is worthy but doomed.

When I look at how many people (such as the Emerge community) are using, linking, connecting, modifying technology ... I see no evidence of any underlying framework .. though of course I am conscious of the standards and protocols lurking in the depths.

I don't see SUMs for using Twitter .... I see enticing and exciting case examples... not written to conform to a template .. but written to express the user's excitement (or sometimes disappointment) with the technology or service.

These rich and involving stories convey the message and 'spread the word' more effectively to me ... or am I just some kind of gadget-phile but technophobe who should know better?

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