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John Heap :: Blog :: How do I learn?

May 26, 2007

I've just managed to get a picture of me as my icon ... rather than the silhouette used earlier.  (In fact the silhouette was better looking!)

How did I work out how to do this .. by 'exploring', by remembering how I'd done it elsewhere ... and, of course, by just doing it - trying it to see what worked.

This is how our students learn ... they rarely use manuals and instruction sheets.  their gaming experience has taught them that trial and error (scientific method?) is often just as fast .. and usually more fun.


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Posted by John Heap


  1. Indeed!

    Learning by doing.  Hands-on learning.

    I don't know if you are also like this, but when I buy a new device /  equipment I usually tend to ignore its instructions book. Cool I start by clicking here and there until I get it right. It’s a longer process, but it is also more exciting and more meaningful for me, I guess, because I always do it...almost unconsciously.

    Cristina CostaCristina Costa on Saturday, 26 May 2007, 16:55 UTC # |

  2. Yeah, I got a self-contained rechargeable torch (the kind that you shake to recharge), which when out of the box was really cool to shake and watch the currently uncharged capacitors cause the light to flash as you shook it.

    Turned out if I'd read the instructions I'd've found this action drastically decreased the lifespan of the capacitors and thus the usefulness of the torch.

    Just because learners like do something one way doesn't make it the most effective way to do it.

    default user iconBen Soares on Monday, 28 May 2007, 11:14 UTC # |

  3. hahahahah! Laughing

    I got the idea! And I sometimes end up telling myself " If only I hadn't ignored the instruction booklet..."Foot in mouth, but I never seem to learn, because the funnest part is to find out how it works, by clicking here and there until it works...Cool

    But if I happen to buy a  rechargeable torch, I'll make sure I read the instructions first!

    Thanks for the tip!Wink

    Cristina CostaCristina Costa on Monday, 28 May 2007, 14:22 UTC # |

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