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John Pallister :: Blog :: Engineering the Space for learning

October 08, 2008

The more I think about learning the more I get drawn to the idea that there is a need for space; space to allow the learner to focus and concentrate; space that allows them to develop their independent learning skills; space and freedom to be creative;  space and time to collaborate and work with others. Simply the space to learn.


When we are thinking about the  Personal Learning Environment  that we want to create, support and maintain for our learners we need to consider how we will provide the ‘space’ that will enable the learner to learn in that environment. Space in a busy curriculum; space in a busy day; space free from excessive distractions.


And then there is the ‘space’ to enable teachers to develop the skills that they will need to support learners as they operate in their Personal Learning Environment.


While all the tools and technologies that are available undoubtedly have the potential to support a wide range of learning, creating the ‘space’ to enable the learner to use them will present the greatest challenge.

Posted by John Pallister

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