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October 10, 2008

I have watched and contributed to, Twitter now for something like six months. I admit that I have got a bit addicted. I have developed a ‘habit’ of checking Twitter when ever I read my email. I do not use it on mobile devices; apart from my phone I have none! I only watch/follow about 50 people, to follow more would take too much of my time, I would need to scroll back through several pages. [teaching prevents the luxury of constant, real time monitoring! – constant alerts from mobile would not go down well in a classroom -   micro blogging does require discipline]


What have I got out Twitter? - Lots and lots - I enjoy the frequency of posts; I have learned by following the links that those that I follow have suggested/recommended; I have found others who have similar interests as my self and, quite difficult to admit, but I get a little bit of enjoyment from ‘listening-in’ on the conversation/chat that goes on as well as following the travelling/wanderings of others.


How are people using it?  - to chat; to ask for help: to publish and promote themselves and their work; to share links to resources and to share their thinking.


How am I using it? – Really only finding my way around and experimenting. I am learning by follow links. I have not got drawn into much chat but can see the potential of something that encourages you to generate and share bits of thinking; thinking that is not well formed enough to be bundled up into ‘full’ blown blog post.  




Will it take over from the Blog? – lots of micro blog posts = a blog?

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